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    Genderbended TLoK characters by Pabloeinstein tumblr fanblog - deviantArt

    Korra: tumblr dA - Asami: tumblr dA - Bolin: tumblr dA - Mako: tumblr dA - General Iroh: tumblr dA

    The Legend of Korra fanarts

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    So much feels.

    I’m love with Doctor Who. In less than two months, I’ve watched 3 seasons, and I want to finish it all soon!

    Here’s just a little, quick doodle from my sketchbook.

    I was inspired by this fanart and a little by Princess Mononoke.

    Hope you like <3

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    International Women’s Day, and here is one of my favorite female characters of all the Avatar series. But I can’t say that she’s my favorite because I love them all so much!

    The Legend of Korra fanart from my fanblog.

  4. The Mount Roraima is the highest tepui mountain of the Pakaraima chain, South America, with 2810 metters, in the border between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. This unique and protected place has endemic and threatened fauna and flora, with species very different of other regions of Amazon rainflorest, besides impressives geological formations such high cliffs and flooded caves.

    More information in this Wikipedia article in English (but I like more the articles in French and Portuguese. Check the photos!).

    Well, science and technology college is hard. I’m busy, and the only time I have to draw now is on vacations and holidays :/ I’ve been trying to finish this for months. I’m don’t draw much landscapes, so I decided to work on it and improve. And I’m even more slow drawing landscapes, hehe. I used some reference photos and tryed new techniques and brushes. The Mount Roraima, was one of the places that inspired the “Paradise Falls” in the Disney film “Up”.

    I hope you like :)

    Please, DO NOT REPOST

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    Well, I tried perspective ^^
    This was one of my first drawings made with my tablet (some months ago)… So I found it and now I’m posting ^^

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    A very messy Jinko doodle in a modern AU. Hope you like ^^

    I drew Ba Sing Se as a modern Chinese city. I know that their date was a dinner, but I wanted to draw them drinking coffee in a winter afternoon because was 30°C/90°F at midnight in the summer of Brazil when I drew it and my logic is great.

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    Quick doodles of the crossover TLoK/Naruto

    on dA: X

    The first sketch is based on the photo of the team 7.

    I know Korra resembles Naruto (and both are the main characters), but I drew her as Sakura because she is in love with Mako/Sasuke, and both are healers.

    I decided to draw Mako as Sasuke because both are douchebags he’s physically resembles him (But I don’t compare Sasuke with Mako).

    Bolin as Naruto! They are funny and considered the most weak (Naruto was considered weak at the beginning of the anime). Bolin/Naruto is in love with Korra/Sakura.

    LOL I know that Tenzin was weird but someone have to be Kakashi!

    On the second drawing I added more characters:
    Asami / Ino
    Amon / Tobi
    Lin / Tsunade

    Naga is a friendly Bijuu

    And this drawing made me a certainty: Bolin needs a Hinata!! If Korra with Bolin would not be, He should have a girl as cute as him. And I ship Hinaruto!

    -EDIT (30/03/2013)-

    After this photo from Bryan’s blog, here’s an update, because that made me ship Boleska.


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    Café à tarde

    Este é o meu primeiro desenho completo, feito em uma mesa digitalizadora. Eu tenho ela a só alguns dias e ainda estou pegando a manha. Aqui estava testando pincéis, como pintar, sombrear etc. Eu quis fazer algo nostálgico, que lembrasse a casa da vovó no interior, aquele bolo de milho (que foi devidamente deixado esfriar) com café fresquinho.

    This is my first complete drawing painted with a graphic tablet. I got it just a few days ago and I still getting the hang. Here I was testing brushes, how to paint, shade etc. I wanted to do something nostalgic, that reminds the Grandma’s house in the countryside of Brazil, and the traditional corn cake with fresh coffee.

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    I LOVE SHAMY!!!!!!!!!!! Shaldon and Amy are my favourites characters in The Big Bang Theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!